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Tit for Tat Circus

A Knight Away

Sir Kuss has done well for himself over the years… after ceaseless quests, endless adventures – and not to mention many an expendable squire – it's finally time for a rather well-earned holiday.

It was very kind of The Knightly Order to send him on this permanent vacation. As a paragon of Justice – Sir Kuss feels this is nothing more than a very well deserved reward for his lifelong heroics.

Of course, if you were to ask his ever-loyal and forever-burdened squire, you might hear suggestions that The Knightly Order were actually quite keen to just get rid of him.

Bored of his endless stories and nostalgic re-enactments, and shaking their heads at his somewhat ‘dated’ ideals and understanding of chivalry, they felt a bit of a ‘rework’ of the order was… well, in order.

Whilst Sir Kuss vanquishes tankard after tankard of refreshments, combats the summer sun with gleaming plate mail and swim shorts alike – his dutiful Squire sets up the deck chair, carries the bag, and applies extra sun lotion to the shiniest areas of Sir Kuss's armour.

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