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Barada Street


A gangly English idiot and an athlete from Kyrgyzstan create the world of wonder that is Barada Street.

A thrilling comedy, jam packed with acrobatics, live music and cheeky idiocy.

This award-winning international duo charm audiences and bring heart-warming intimacy to the streets.

The skilful, strong and charming Juri from Kyrgyzstan and Richard the wishful tall idiot from England, team up to present their highly entertaining show with nothing but their bodies, Ukuleles and some socks.

Supported throughout by their sweet musical melodies, intricate acrobatics and physical humour, they connect effortlessly with the audience and share life affirming moments together.

The show was created whilst cycling over the Alps in 2013. Since then the duo have been touring in the summer seasons, sharing their show in music and street festivals around the world.

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