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Splodge Designs

Aliens Have Landed / Miss Fortune

Walkabout interactive puppets that interact with the public

The Aliens Have Landed
Splodge Designs will be introducing their colourful and furry alien puppets – Arggg and Urkk.

Arggg and Urkk have landed on planet earth and can’t find their way home.

Will you befriend them and tell them more about your own planet?  

Miss Fortune
Ever wondered what your future holds, well Miss Fortune may be able to share her vast knowledge with you.

Could you be about to win millions – well probably not – more likely that you will be receiving a phone call from annoying cold callers.

Miss Fortune is a life size puppet created and performed by Splodge Designs.

What's on: Aliens Have Landed / Miss Fortune

Sun 03 Jul 2022