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Hampshire Cultural Trust

878 AD


Exclusively for Hat Fair, some of the cast of Hampshire Cultural Trust’s new immersive attraction, 878 AD, will be let loose on the streets of Winchester.

Meet some of our real-life Anglo-Saxons as they tell you their stories to help you learn what life was like on the eve of the Battle of Edington as King Alfred prepared the face the Vikings one last time.

Within our marketplace, you can help decide if a suspected thief is guilty or not, barter or trade for the finest goods, or even take part in your very own shield wall.

Hampshire Cultural Trust are thrilled that they have been able to tell the story of Winchester with people from the city and surrounding areas. 878 AD worked closely with Play to The Crowd (Hat Fair's charity) with a focus on creating local work for local actors.

878 AD recently won the Technology and Innovation Award at the Winchester Business Excellence Awards 2023.


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